Challenger MT700 Series Track Tractors to Debut at Farm Progress Show

Challenger MT700 Series Track Tractors to Debut at Farm Progress Show
Aug 28, 2017
AGCO Corporation News
Challenger®, a global brand of AGCO Corporation, has unveiled the next-generation MT700 Series track tractors. Designed to meet the needs of results-oriented agribusinesses, these Challengers deliver a new level of track tractor performance, ride comfort, operating efficiency and on-board intelligence to maximize uptime, productivity and profitability. Power in these machines rises to a new level of efficiency, and the improved ride and spacious, well-equipped cab will make those long days in the field seem much shorter. The Challenger MT700 Series tractors will make their public debut during the 2017 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.
“Today’s producers demand more than just power and floatation from their track tractors,” says Josh Keeney, tactical marketing manager at AGCO. “Challenger continues to deliver production-enhancing features and on-board technology that helps producers better manage their farming businesses and increase profitability to provide what we call Intelligent Farming.” The Challenger MT700 is a complete package delivering the efficiency of the AccuEngineering™ platform, combined with redesigned MobilTrac® System (MTS), and integrated with the latest suite of Fuse® Technologies.
The tractor has been designed using the AccuEngineering platform and features new styling, as well as a new engine, transmission, undercarriage and hydraulics. Three available models from 380 to 431 HP are powered by AGCO Power™ 9.8L diesel engines equipped with concentric air systems (CAS). The tractors’ AccuDrive™ powertrain features the convenience and smooth, seamless speed control of the Challenger Accu-VT™ continuously variable transmission, combined with state-of-the-art operating technology to produce a “high-torque, low-speed” approach. This innovation allows the Challenger MT700 Series tractors to run in the maximum torque range while delivering low fuel consumption to help increase productivity and reduce costs.
All systems, including the hydraulics and PTO are designed to run at lower engine rpm, to further lower fuel costs and reduce engine wear. The upgraded hydraulic system offers greater flow at lower engine rpm and the capabilities to meet the demands of the latest planters and implements. Now instead of running at full throttle to meet the hydraulic needs, the AccuDrive system allows full output at 1700 rpm. Not only does this allow for the tractor to run in the peak torque range of 1200 to 1600 rpm but it does so more efficiently with less engine wear. This system also results in a quieter working environment for the operator.
First track tractor with three stages of suspension
Challenger’s patented MTS is renowned for delivering power to the ground, setting the MT700 Series apart from any other tractors in the industry and delivering significant advantages over bolt-on track systems, says Keeney. An enhanced design offers even more benefits.
“Operators are going to notice a significant difference in the ride comfort — one they won’t find on other track tractors of any color,” Keeney says. The Challenger MT700 Series is the first two-track machine with three stages of suspension and oscillating midwheels that precisely contour to the ground over terraces and uneven surfaces.
“The MaxxRide™ integrated comfort system consists of the oscillating midwheels, hardbar suspension and cab suspension, so operators experience great ride quality without sacrificing the in-field benefits of power, control and traction,” says Keeney. “Handling at higher road speeds also has been improved, and ride comfort when traveling on the road is noticeably better than previous models.”
The primary suspension has been redesigned with rugged coil springs and high-capacity shock absorbers for a more comfortable ride compared to hydro-pneumatic suspension systems. Off-road style, heavy-duty shock-absorbers provide precisely tuned digressive damping.
The MobilTrac System also has been redesigned by moving the hardbar farther forward, providing a longer wheelbase and more stability. The steel hardbar acts as a front axle, attaching to the forward point of the roller frame and providing up to 11° of oscillation, to improve ride and minimize compaction. The pivoting carrier attached to the roller frame is now designed with the Tri–Bogie suspension. The midwheels provide unmatched suspension and track-to-ground contact, improving performance and comfort.
A new two-point cab suspension system with increased suspension at the rear of the cab absorbs and dissipates the vibration from the ground through the rear axle.
Intuitive, 10.4-inch touch screen for easier use
Engineered for operator convenience and productivity, the Challenger MT700 tractors feature an easy-to-use 10.4-inch touch-screen AccuTerminal® that has an intuitive, smartphone feel. Using the AccuTerminal, operators can easily manage all tractor settings and adjustments, plus monitor and control ISOBUS 11783-compatible implements, camera functions, field documentation, variable rate applications, guidance and wireless data transfer, and the AccuField Command™ headland management system. The Advantage armrest, AccuTerminal, Advantage joystick, PTO controls and conveniently color-coded keypad are all within easy reach of the operator’s fingertips. This means all tasks and functions are within easy reach, for faster operation and less distraction and fatigue for the operator.
New cab offers comfort and productivity-boosting conveniences inside and out
Owners and operators will appreciate the new fit and finish of the spacious, comfortable cabs as well as the many exterior features that bring the Challenger MT700 Series tractors to a new level of comfort and convenience. The cabs offer a variety of amenities including enhanced cab suspension, an air-ride seat, larger instructor’ seat and Bluetooth® capability. 
A new LED light package adds more lights at the rear of the tractor, positioned to provide a clear view out to each end of a 24-row planter for those late nights in the field. When leaving the field after a long day, porch lighting on the cab provides a safe view of the area, then the smart-battery disconnect powers everything down for the night. Also, unique to the MT700 Series cabs is an integrated walk-around platform providing secure, fast access for cleaning windows in cases when the tractor hasn’t been equipped with the field-installed side washer/wiper system.
In addition, these three new models easily connect with AGCO’s entire suite of Fuse Technologies and Fuse Connected Services for the latest in guidance, precision farming and remote monitoring technology.
Latest guidance innovations available
Operators can drive reliably and accurately in the toughest of visual conditions with AGCO’s next generation of Auto-Guide™ automated steering system. Customers may select the accuracy level and signal source to meet their specific needs, choosing from two receiver providers: NovAtel and Trimble. A number of correction signals are supported, depending on the receiver, for example, EGNOS/WAAS or also RangePoint® RTX, CenterPoint® RTX, NTRIP. Existing Trimble RTK infrastructures, such as NTRIP can continue to be used. Even without a correction signal, Auto-Guide works reliably for up to 20 minutes with RTK accuracy via Trimble xFill® technology. These guidance options are part of AGCO’s Fuse Technologies.
Source : AGCO
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