CFO COVID-19 business continuity strategy regarding public health and Ontario’s food supply chain

Mar 18, 2020

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In this unprecedented and difficult time, we wanted to share with you our current business continuity strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
First and foremost, we unequivocally support the health, safety and personal well-being of all CFO staff-associates, our farmer-members and our industry stakeholders.
We need to continue to provide Ontarians with access to safe, healthy, high quality chicken.
Farmers and industry are critical to maintaining our food supply and ensuring that our food system remains functional. 
  • The CFO Farming Operations Representative (FOR) team is executing every recommended public health and safety precaution when they perform on-farm audits - and we know that we can count on our farmer-members to do the same! 
  • Farmer-members should ensure that they have appropriate hand washing and sanitation facilities available to any industry stakeholder who may need to come to their farm. 
  • Everyone is being asked to be extra vigilant! If you’re feeling unwell suspend on-farm visits, keep your lines of communication open, and make appropriate arrangements as necessary. 
  • CFO has given all staff-associates the option to work from home. Our robust digital capabilities have made this transition incredibly seamless. We are limiting in-person engagements and making use of digital technology wherever possible.
  • The CFO head office remains open! However, we have implemented a ‘Non-Essential Visitor Policy’. Farmers and stakeholders who had plans to visit our office are being asked to postpone or make other arrangements.
We endeavour to keep you informed! Information and public policy surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is changing at a rapid pace. Please keep current with our website and associated communications. 
Source : CFO