Canadian ‘super pigs’ threaten to invade US

Dec 04, 2023

Amass of Canadian ‘super pigs’ are threatening to breach the US border, but northern states are putting tactics in place to stop this wild hog invasion.

Super pigs have appeared in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in Canada after crossbreeding between different pig species created their super-swine form.

The pigs have been destroying crops and degrading water quality, but there is no stopping these feral hogs as they also can breed excessively and continue to multiply in their masses, according to the University of Saskatchewan.

“Wild pigs are ecological train wrecks. They are prolific breeders, making them an extremely successful invasive species,” said Ruth Aschim, a PhD student from the university who led research on the super pig species.

The researchers called the mutant wild pigs “the most prolific invasive mammal in Canada.”

The US already has a massive issue with feral hog populations, costing landowners billions each year in crop and land destruction, so northern states like Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana are taking action to stop the super pigs encroaching on US territory.

Ryan Brook, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan and expert on the growing super pig population, said that Montana has already banned raising and transporting wild pigs into the state.

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