Canadian ag ministers meet to discuss sector challenges

Feb 20, 2023

On Friday, Canada's federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture met virtually to discuss key areas of interest for Canada's agricultural sector, including African swine fever

The meeting allowed the ministers to give updates on the progress of the five-year Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP), which takes effect April 1, 2023, replacing the current Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP). 

Ministers also discussed the critical activities associated with the prevention and preparedness for African swine fever (ASF). Governments highlighted progress made to date and reaffirmed their commitment to prevent ASF from entering Canada and to advance government and industry readiness to respond to the significant challenges an outbreak would cause.

The meeting concluded with a round table discussion that included the current state of the avian influenza outbreak and the need for coordination among government agencies. 

Ministers also discussed progress made on domestic trade issues, and initiatives related to the environment, transportation, Foot and Mouth Disease preparedness, the shortage and health of Canadian bees and the Pest Management Regulatory Agency re-evaluation process. The different governments plan to work collaboratively with industry on their respective roles and responsibilities.

Source : The Pigsite
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