Building the next-generation, independent seed company, Dan Funk acquires Outward Ag LLC

Nov 16, 2023

Dan Funk, son of legendary seedsman Don Funk, announces he's acquired the interests of Outward Ag, LLC from family members. The acquisition is a step further in his goal to reestablish Midwest Seed GeneticsNC+ and Crow's as premium regional seed brands.“Through focused, regional seed brands, our mission is to provide a choice for agriculture’s next generation – from the seed they buy to the way they do business. I was fortunate to learn three crucial lessons from my father: provide the best quality seed, deliver what customers ask for, and make things as simple as possible,” says Dan Funk.

cropWith the re-introduction of NC+ in the West, Midwest Seed Genetics in the Central and Upper Corn Belt, and Crow's in the East, entrepreneurial growers and seed professionals will have the opportunity to be a part of the next generation independent seed company. NC+, Midwest and Crow's represent a new choice – with models that are custom-designed, responsive, and flexible for the specific geographies in which they serve.Funk goes further, “We have an incredible, experienced team that knows seed represents much more than just another transaction. Fundamentally, it’s based on consistently earned trust between a farmer and his or her advisor. While seed brands can never forget that truth, they also have to be prepared to operate in a much more efficient and effective manner going into the future.“I would like to thank my family for being supportive of my passion to continue the Funk family legacy in the seed business. I have two young sons who love going on plot tours and riding on combines with their dad. My intention is to provide opportunity for the next generation, my sons included, to thrive in the future of agriculture.”About Outward Ag LLC

Outward Ag LLC is a family-owned and operated seed company that provides high-quality seeds to growers across the Corn Belt. The company offers a strong lineup of high quality, localized corn hybrids and soybean varieties. Outward Ag is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services.About Dan Funk

Dan Funk is a fourth-generation seedsman and the son of legendary seedsman Don Funk. He has more than 20 years of experience in the agriculture industry and is passionate about providing growers with the best possible products and services.

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