Brighten Your Fall Workload With LED Lighting

Jul 04, 2017

Switching to LED lighting before the busyness of the season can help you be more productive during harvest and fall tillage.

Shrinking daylight hours can make those harvest or tillage days seem even longer, if not a little bit harder. Upgrading your equipment to LED lighting can help ease some of the strain and stress of the season while helping you stay productive longer.

LED lights produce a crisp, bright white light that’s closer to real daylight than any artificial light source. What’s more, LED beam patterns cover more area than traditional lights, and engineered optics direct light exactly where it is needed most. The result: You can better and easier see your work with less eyestrain and fatigue.

Superior visibility isn’t the only benefit. One LED light can outlive more than 50 halogen and 20 high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, saving time, money and hassle. But seeing better is more than a luxury. Here are some additional reasons to switch to LED lights:

  • The solid-state construction of LED lights eliminates fragile bulbs, filaments or electrodes. LED lights stand up to the most rugged conditions.
  • LED lights far outlast other types of lighting, saving you time and money over the life of your machine.
  • LED lights use fewer amps than alternative light types, so they’re a great option for previous-generation equipment.


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