Bibeau Says Agriculture Is Key In Economic Recovery

Sep 25, 2020

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Politicians are busy discussing this week's Throne Speech.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie Claude Bibeau says agriculture will be a key part of our economic recovery.
The Liberals have received criticism for not making agriculture a priority and for making broad statements but not providing any plan on their commitments.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie Claude Bibeau says the Speech from the Throne is a very high level document and vision for the future.
"We've said priority number one is to protect Canadians, second is to help people and businesses - including agriculture businesses obviously. And we'll be in a better position to rebuild the economy and farmers, ranchers and foresters will be important partners in this."
Bibeau says they recognize the work farmers and ranchers put in and the government will continue to work to help them succeed and grow.
"I think the first tool is the Business Risk Management suites. You know that I will be meeting with my Provincial and Territorial colleagues in November. I'm very hopeful, I don't know how far we're going to be able to go all together because the Province's also have to come to the table with their contribution. But I'm hopeful that we will be able to make significant steps in the right direction."
Climate change was a key part of the Liberal's vision for "A Stronger and More Resilient Canada."
The throne speech referenced supporting and recognizing farmers and ranchers for their efforts on climate change.
Bibeau says that still has to be developed.
"We know that the ag sector has a role to play when we talk about reducing our emissions, and they are doing a lot already when we talk about carbon sequestration, for example."
She notes there are a number of ways that producers will benefit through the governments vision to build a more resilient Canada.
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