Bear damage to hives added to Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

Jun 06, 2023

Bears can do significant damage to a beehive, tearing them apart in a search for bees and honey. As a result, Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) is conducting a three-year bear damage to hives pilot project as part of the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

Starting May 1, eligible beekeepers will be able to make claims for losses to honey, bee colonies and beehive equipment between May 1 and October 31. To be eligible for coverage, beekeepers must have an active beekeeper registration and a minimum of 100 hives.

Claims will be paid at 80 per cent of losses based on the following coverage amounts for the 2023 crop year:

  • $275 per hive for lost bee colonies
  • $125 per hive for replacement of damaged boxes and frames
  • $6.173/kg for honey, with the assumption that 50 per cent of the honey will have been recollected by non-impacted hives
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