Bean Report

Jun 22, 2021

Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG) is providing a crop update in this week's Bean Report.

Laura Schmidt is a production specialist for western Manitoba.

"Soybeans range from V1 to V4 and will be starting to flower with the change in day length," she said. "IDC symptoms have started to show up in some fields but most fields remain symptom free. Dry beans range from the unifoliate to the third tri-foliate stage. Southern areas of the province received high winds, damaging some bean crops resulting in leaf tearing and stem breakage, which thankfully now are regrowing...In these fields, expect some bacterial blight to infect those damaged plants and at low severity levels, this isn't typically a yield limiting disease."

She also touched on field peas and faba beans.

"Field peas range from eight to ten nodes, with some at R1 or flower bud stage, with a few open blooms here and there. Faba beans are also advancing with earlier seeded crops beginning to flower at around eight to nine leaf nodes."

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