Case IH adds new applicator configuration

Case IH adds new applicator configuration
Jun 22, 2021

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The FA 1030 air boom applicator is now available in a 90-ft. option

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Case IH has added a new configuration to its applicator lineup.

Later this year, the equipment manufacturer will make available a new 90-ft. boom option for the FA 1030 air boom applicator for the Titan 3540 (three-wheeled) or 4540 (four-wheeled) floater fertilizer applicators.

Interested farmers can pre-order the 90-ft. option now from his or her local dealer for delivery beginning in the fall.

Case IH introduced the FA 1030 air boom applicator in August 2020 in a 72-ft. configuration.

But growers have expressed a want for lager booms, said Mark Burns, Case IH application equipment marketing manager.

“It’s been a request for quite a few years,” he told “If you look at the pneumatic applicator market, it has kind of stalled out for several years in that 70- to 72-ft. wide configuration. The ability to go to 90 feet will help the productivity of the machines.”

With the 72-foot option, the boom comes equipped with 32 deflector plates to distribute an equal amount of product.

With the 90-foot configuration, the number of deflector plates increases to 37.

The FA 1030 can apply up to 1,200 lbs. of product per acre with an application capability of 10mph (16km/h).

Producers can also customize the Titans with different bin options.

They include single bin, a single with micro-bin configuration, a double-bin configuration or a triple-bin setup.

“We want to help farmers increase their productivity,” Burns said. “With the wider boom and the flexibility with the bin configurations, farmers will be able to get more done in a shorter window.

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