Bayer Launches Huskie® FX for Improved Efficacy Against Kochia

Mar 04, 2021
Bayer Adds Huskie® FX Herbicide to the Huskie® Brand Family of Herbicides
Bayer introduces Huskie® FX Herbicide as the next generation herbicide with superior* control of broadleaf weeds and built-in resistance management.
Bayer is excited to announce the launch of the new Huskie® FX Herbicide for cereals to provide broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds, with improved efficacy against tough-to-control kochia*, and built-in resistance management.
This new formulation added to the Huskie® family of herbicides combines three modes of action to make one simple solution for weed resistance management for cereal growers. Huskie® FX includes three active ingredients, with the addition of fluroxypyr on top of pyrasulfotole and bromoxynil.
Lindsey Aagesen, U.S. Marketing Segment Manager – SeedGrowth and Cereals shares, “Huskie® FX provides cereal growers with strong weed resistance management and pride knowing they have done their part to proactively manage resistance. This new crop protection product is a foundation for controlling tough weeds today to combat weed resistance tomorrow, all part of our broad portfolio of crop protection products.”
Bayer Adds Huskie FX Herbicide to the Huskie Brand Family of Herbicides
Recent trial data demonstrated the use of Huskie® FX enabled enhanced control of broadleaf weeds and excellent control of kochia* in spring wheat compared to other herbicide programs on the market. Huskie® FX is formulated to deliver enhanced control of kochia and provide cereal growers with the superior control over a variety of broadleaf weeds.
“As weed resistance continues to become a growing issue, Huskie® FX has proven itself to be an excellent tank-mix partner with grass herbicides to fit the needs of a grower’s operation,” adds Aagesen.
The built-in resistance management of Huskie® FX helps protect the viability of group 4 herbicides (fluroxypyr) while continuing to bring the efficacy growers rely on with Huskie®. Customers can trust that they have made the right decision in their integrated weed management programs by choosing the new, premium herbicide to fight against tough, resistant weeds.
Huskie® FX is included in the Bayer PLUS Rewards program1 – a broad portfolio of high-performance products designed to provide growers with flexibility and rewards on eligible purchases all season long.
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