ASF in Asia and antibiotics in AI in Pig Progress

Mar 06, 2023

This edition of Pig Progress takes a closer look at the ASF situation in Thailand. In an interview in Ukraine, KSG Agro’s CEO talks about the company’s wartime strategy, and in France, a pig breeder talks about the experience of a total depop-repop with Special Pathogen Free grandparent stock. Also, with the limiting use of antibiotics, what alternative methods exist to make sure semen is free from bacterial pathogens.

Sustainability and welfare as well as gut health in focus
At the recent edition of EuroTier, Pig Progress hosted 2 seminars – one focussed on gut health and the other on sustainability and welfare. During the seminars, 7 experts shared their knowledge. Highlights of the presentations are covered on pages 6-8, and the seminars can also be viewed on Pig Progress’ YouTube channel.

Column: Managing feed mill contacts
Dr Casey Bradley recently diversified and now works with numerous species. A universal similarity across them all, she says, is the need to work together with feed mills to “deliver the highest quality nutritional programme possible”. She focusses on 5 factors of significance on page 9.

Ukraine’s livestock sector needs post-war assistance
Huge losses are being felt in Ukraine’s livestock sector with the country losing an estimated 30% of its total livestock by the time this war is over. It has become clear that global assistance is necessary to get the sector back onto its feet when the hostilities come to an end

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