Applications are Open for the CARAT Grant Project

Oct 02, 2023

By Daniela Carrijo

Are you a Pennsylvania dairy producer interested in improving sustainability and profitability in your farm? If you said yes, you may be interested in applying for this grant opportunity with the CARAT (Climate-smart Agriculture that is Profitable, Regenerative, Actionable, and Trustworthy) Project. Applications are now open. Information on how to apply online or via mail

The CARAT Project is led by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences and partners with funding from the program Partnerships for Climate Commodities, an initiative of the USDA. The goal of the project is to help PA dairy producers to implement climate-smart practices that will lead to enhanced sustainability and profitability in their operations. The project will involve 69 dairy producers across three cohorts - each representative of the various scales and types of dairies in Pennsylvania.

The participating farms will be selected through a three-step process: pre-qualification, development of climate-smart plans for all pre-qualified farms, and selection of implementation farms (the final 69 farms). Once your farm goes through the pre-qualification process, a technical service provider will be assigned to help your farm identify climate smart practices and develop an implementation plan fitting to your operation. Your plan will be presented to the CARAT Review Committee to be considered as one of the farms receiving funding toward implementation.

We expect approximately 150 farms to be approved through the pre-qualification process. Pre-qualification does not guarantee your farm will be approved as one of the final 69 CARAT participants. However, pre-qualified farms that do not advance to the implementation step will still benefit from no-cost technical service to develop climate-smart implementation plans. 

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