Alberta Pork Issues News Release on Industry Commitment to Animal Care and Continuous Improvement

Oct 01, 2014
Alberta Pork issued the following news release this morning highlighting the commitment of Alberta producers and industry to animal care and continuous improvement.
If you have questions or comments about this matter, please call Darcy Fitzgerald at 1-877-247-7675 or email
Continuous Improvement Top of Mind for Alberta’s Pork Industry
October 1, 2014 – Edmonton, AB – As the body representing pork producers in the province, Alberta Pork is proud to serve producers who take great pride in treating their pigs with respect and dignity while maintaining the highest level of care. Abuse, mistreatment or neglect of any animal is not tolerated.
Darcy Fitzgerald, Executive Director at Alberta Pork, acknowledges that no industry is perfect. “What matters,” he says, “is that you do everything possible to minimize mistakes and, if they occur, address them swiftly. We are always seeking to improve where needed.”
This comes on the heels of the recent Western Hog Exchange (WHE) public statement regarding hidden camera footage being taken at one of their facilities. It is said that the video shows alleged mistreatment of animals at one of the WHE’s operations.
“Animal care is at the heart of everything we do as an industry,” said Fitzgerald. “From the National Code of Practice to the Canadian Quality Assurance Program and its Animal Care Assessment, our focus is on continuous improvement and sound animal care practices at all levels.”
In addition to events, seminars and workshops throughout the year to enhance industry knowledge and awareness, Alberta Pork recommends that all transporters complete the Canadian Livestock Transport Certification Program or the Transport Quality Assurance Program.
In the wake of the pending W-5 video, Fitzgerald is encouraged by the response of the WHE and their chairman Brent Moen.
“I commend them for reacting quickly and decisively. They take their responsibilities very seriously and they immediately informed the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Alberta SPCA upon hearing allegations of mistreatment.”
Fitzgerald also supports their commitment to transparency and the hiring of a team of independent, third-party experts to evaluate their animal handling protocols and employee training procedures.
For its part, Alberta Pork will work closely with the WHE and other industry partners to keep animal care top of mind.
“We will continue to work with all producers, processors, industry partners, government, veterinarians and animal protection groups (such as the Alberta SPCA) to maintain the highest standards of animal care through awareness and education,” says Fitzgerald.
Source: AlbertaPork
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