Alberta Grains to be new name for merged wheat and barley commission

Jul 25, 2023

Welcome to Alberta Grains, the soon-to-be amalgamated commission formed by the joining of Alberta Barley and Alberta Wheat Commission this August. Our goal is to provide a stronger voice for the grain industry in Alberta, by combining the strengths and expertise of both organizations to better serve the needs of our stakeholders.

Alberta Grains is committed to advancing and promoting the interests of 18,000 wheat and barley farmers in the province. We will continue to foster innovation, research and development, and sustainability in the agriculture sector. By bringing together the best of both commissions, our aim is to leverage the combined resources, knowledge and experience to deliver unparalleled value to farmers.

We understand that the grain industry is rapidly evolving, and we want to assure our stakeholders that we remain committed to transparency, accountability, and the highest standards of governance. We will continue to engage with farmers to ensure their voices are heard and that their needs are being met.

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