Alberta Expecting Crop Yields to be Average to Above Average

Aug 05, 2022

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Across Alberta all regions are reporting yield estimates relatively consistent with, or ahead of, long term normal, the July 26 provincial crop report said. Major crops are rated as 74 per cent good to excellent growing conditions with yield expectations of 110 per cent of the 10-year provincial yield average.

Year-over-year June rainfall has made a significant difference, the report noted. At this time last year only 20 per cent of all crops were rated as good or excellent and yield expectations were only 60 per cent of the 10-year average.

Plant development for most crops is right in line with long-term averages, the report said. Province-wide, spring cereals are rated at 70 on the Zadok growth scale. Podding of pulses is modestly behind long-term normal with dry peas at 74 per cent podding compared to 82 per cent on a 10-year average.

However, the provincial canola crop is at only 28 per cent podding compared to the 10-year average of 56 per cent for this time in the season. Comparing to other oilseed growth, mustard is 76 per cent podding, relatively normal for its 10-year average of 80 per cent.

“Crop reporters are referencing a widely variable canola crop in quality and some are reporting field-specific lack of pod formation. Crop reporters will continue monitoring and reporting on canola pod formation and even in the last two weeks are anecdotally commenting on the recent growth and resiliency of canola, albeit still highly variable and inconsistent,” the report said.

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