Awards Inaugural U.S. Feed Your Future Scholarship

Dec 06, 2022

Subscribe to our Newsletters awarded their first-ever U.S. Feed Your Future Scholarship to Lindsay Mikell, a student at the University of Florida. Mikell is co-enrolled in the University of Florida’s Doctor of Plant Medicine program and Master’s in Environmental Horticulture. created the Feed Your Future $1,000 Scholarship to financially assist a post-secondary student who is studying agriculture or has the intention of pursuing a career in agriculture. is committed to Feeding the World with Talent by supporting education and careers opportunities in agriculture and food.

The application process involved students responding to essay questions, including, “How are you going to do your part in feeding the world with your talent?” Mikell wrote, “Knowing I could possibly achieve a degree and then a career where I could have a significant impact to prevent hunger is incredibly important to me.”

“Preventing hunger isn't just about food being available, but also accessible. When food costs rise due to increases in demand or a loss of yield, some people lose that accessibility,” shared Mikell. “I also want people in the general public to know more about agriculture, to become curious about it, and feel empowered and supported enough to invest in it themselves,” Mikell added.

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Source : AgCareers

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