Ag In The Classroom Canada Receives Funding Increase

Mar 02, 2021
On Monday, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, announced Agriculture in the Classroom Canada has been approved for up to $1.6 million over two years under the AgriCompetitiveness Program.
The announcement marked the launch of one of AITC-C's flagship initiatives, Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM), which is now in its tenth year.
"It is absolutely essential that young Canadians understand where their food comes from," said Bibeau. "They must know what farmers' work consists of and how hard they work to take care of their animals and our environment in order to provide us with high-quality food. I encourage our young people to take an interest in the many job opportunities available to them on farms and in mechanics, electronics and engineering, science, animal and plant health and much more! I applaud the Agriculture in the Classroom Canada team for their outstanding work and celebrate Agriculture Literacy Month with them."
Funding through the AgriCompetitiveness Program, will help AITC-C offer innovative teaching tools and initiatives to provide accurate and consistent information on Canadian agriculture.
Funds will also be used to expand upon current and new agriculture awareness tools, including snapAG fact sheets, the Little Green Thumbs school gardening program, a national rollout of their "Business of Food" teacher training program, CALM, and Journey 2050 virtual farm presentations.
"We are absolutely thrilled to continue our strong collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada with a further cash contribution through the Canadian Agriculture Partnership," said AITC-C Executive Director Johanne Ross. "AAFC is a true champion of agriculture education across the nation and together, we are elevating towards our vision of bringing agriculture to every classroom, inspiring every student.AITC-C's inquiry-based, curriculum-linked resources and programs, delivered through our 10 provincial member organizations, will affect real advancement in the sharing of Canada's incredible agriculture and food story. This funding will also help us leverage current and new sector partnerships to provide accurate, balanced and current agri-food learning in Canadian schools.
Due to AITC-C's ability to increase the scope of their programming, the investment represents a 50% increase in annual funding.
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