African Swine Fever Strikes New Province in the Philippines

Aug 28, 2023

African swine fever (ASF) has reached Cocoro Island, located in the municipality of Magsaysay in Palawan in the Philippines. 

As the result of a recent outbreak of the deadly virus of swine, approximately 300 pigs have died, Darius Mangcucang, officer-in-charge of the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) said late on Thursday. Of the six blood samples collected from domesticated pigs on Cocoro, he said five were confirmed to be infected with ASF.

He noted that all domestic pigs on the island "have succumbed to ASF," so his office is working closely to keep the disease contained in the areas of the outbreak to prevent it from spreading to other towns in Palawan. 

The pigs might be all gone, there's no need for culling anymore. What we'll do instead is disinfection. We'll place lime on the sites where the pigs were buried by the farmers and residents in order to contain the virus," Mangcucang said in a Philippine News Agency story.

Officials have established checkpoints in all entry areas to Magsaysay as part of the measures to contain the virus. Further monitoring, collection of blood samples and quarantine assessments will take place. 

He urges residents to cooperate with efforts by not purchasing meat products online and by avoiding feeding pigs with potentially contaminated swill or uncooked food. They also ask people to report any suspicious pig deaths or symptoms to the veterinary office. 

Governor Victorino Dennis Socrates assured the public of "swift governmental response."

"This incident is being closely monitored, and appropriate measures are being taken in collaboration with other government agencies, while simultaneously urging the public to adhere to the government's implemented policies to prevent further spread of ASF to other parts of the province," he said in a statement issued by the provincial information office, the article said.

Source : Pork Business
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