African Swine Fever Reported In South Korea

Sep 18, 2019
African Swine Fever has been confirmed in South Korea according to media reports.
They say the Country's first case of the highly contagious disease has killed pigs at a farm near its border with North Korea, who saw an outbreak in May.
There is no cure for African Swine Fever, but it does not affect human health.
The pig disease has never been found in Canada, but the Government says it poses a significant risk to the pork industry and Canadian economy.
The disease has killed pigs in Africa, Asia and parts of Europe, specifically taking its toll in China since the first outbreak was confirmed in August 2018.
On the Canadian Pork Council website, they say containing the virus which has spread over the vast area of China is a serious challenge for the country which owns almost half of the world’s domestic pigs.
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