AFBF pushes for key changes in milk pricing

Aug 29, 2023

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), during the ongoing Federal Milk Marketing Order Pricing Formula (FMMO) hearing, made a stand. Roger Cryan, the Chief Economist, presented AFBF’s initial perspective. 

Milk composition was the first item on the agenda, based on USDA's concerns. AFBF tabled nine proposals, with the USDA greenlighting four. Interestingly, AFBF backs most ideas from the National Milk Producers Federation, pushing primarily for component value updates for Class III and IV prices. 

According to AFBF, these updates will give skim milk its rightful market value. They aim to get prices to echo the national average, replacing old, undervalued figures which negatively impact Class I milk's standing. 

The August 23-started hearing is AFBF's response to calls from multiple dairy factions that seek reforms in milk marketing orders. Highlighting their proactive approach, AFBF gathered industry players for a meet in Kansas City, Missouri, last October. 

USDA's review will span areas such as milk composition, commodity product surveys, and Class I and II price differences, to name a few. Rooted in the collective wisdom of dairy farmers, grassroots policies, and the FMMO Forum's deliberations, AFBF's suggestions come forth. 

Farmers can attend the hearing in Carmel, Indiana, or opt for a virtual appearance. Comprehensive information on AFBF's stance and the accepted proposals is available online. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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