A Soybean Hull-based Cat Litter Performs Better Than Some Commercial Products, but Peoria Ag Lab is Having Difficulty Finding a Producer

May 29, 2023

By Tim Shelley

Scientists at the Peoria Ag Lab have improved upon their recipe for a better kitty litter. Now they just need to find a company interested in bringing it up to a commercial scale.

Plant physiologist Steve Vaughn says soybean hulls may be the key ingredient for a better cat litter.

Previously, Vaughn's team tried out litters based on dried distillers' grains and Eastern red cedar flakes. But two years ago, they received a grant to find a use for soy waste products.

"And we come up with a formulation that is actually as good in every respect are better in some factors than anything that's on the market," he said.

The soybean hulls are combined with guar gum and mineral oil to create the right mix for an effective kitty litter.

Test results published this year show the soybean hull-based litter works as well or better than four of the leading commercial litters in reducing dust and odors. But Vaughn says it's been hard to sell companies on their idea, so far.

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