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3 Ways Earth Metal Sweeps The Competition

3 Ways Earth Metal Sweeps The Competition
May 09, 2018

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During the heat of fieldwork, the last thing you want is to sacrifice the quality of your work. And you certainly don’t want to spend valuable time spinning your wheels on routine maintenance. When you choose Case IH Earth Metal® sweeps, you can rest assured you’re covered on both fronts.

For nearly 40 years, stronger, sharper, longer-wearing Case IH Earth Metal ground-engaging components, from disk blades to sweeps, have helped our entire lineup of tillage equipment perform better and more efficiently with less downtime. Here are a few examples of how Earth Metal delivers value to your operation:

Maintenance avoidance — longer wear life means less-frequent replacement
Hard and durable without brittleness to stand up to the toughest conditions
Sharp, forged cutting-edge maintains its edge throughout its life span
As you put the finishing touches on your fields this spring, consider how Earth Metal sweeps can help you consistently achieve a high-efficiency seedbed. Case IH Maxxi-Width™, Maxxi-Point™, Maxxi-Grip™ and Maxxi-Point Plus sweeps feature our constant width design. That means, unlike competitive sweeps, our sweeps maintain their original cutting width throughout the life of the sweep. So, you can achieve the agronomic advantages of the Case IH Tiger-Mate® 255 field cultivator and its exclusive split-the-middle sweep pattern pass after pass — not only while the sweeps are new.

Case IH Earth Metal sweeps are available with configurations and features to suit your individual fields and the way you like to farm:

Maxxi-Width Sweep

  • Lower-angle pitch reduces tip wear, produces less draft and preserves more surface residue
  • Penetrates faster; wears longer
  • Double-strength wraparound stem withstands loads over 2,500 pounds
  • Patented, heavy-duty, 1-inch wear tip for better penetration and protection

Maxxi-Point Sweep

  • Heavy-duty sweep with heavy-duty extended length nose and ½-inch wear point for improved penetration
  • Higher hardness promotes better scouring in wet conditions
  • Forged cutting edges for improved penetration and reduced draft load

Maxxi-Grip Sweep

  • Same design as the Maxxi-Width sweeps, with a two-part knock-on design to reduce replacement time
  • Mounts to heavy-duty adapter for easy installation and replacement, plus added strength, durability and tolerance control.
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