2021 Grasshopper Forecast Released

Mar 01, 2021

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The province has released its 2021 grasshopper forecast. Below is a summary of the report:
Grasshopper levels have increased over the past few years. Whether populations continue to increase will depend on factors such as weather and natural enemies.
Grasshopper levels should be monitored carefully, beginning in late-May or early-June in 2021.
Grasshopper populations have more successful development in dry years and generally increase more over a series of dry years.
Conditions for egg laying in late-summer were generally good. Our pest species of grasshoppers all overwinter in the egg stage.
Populations of bee flies, field crickets, and Epicauta species of blister beetles, all of which feed on grasshopper eggs, were quite noticeable in some locations of Manitoba in 2020.
The risk of economical populations of grasshoppers developing in 2021 varies, depending on location.
Overall the risk is generally low to moderate in most areas, but there has been an increase in higher counts in surveys over the past three years.
If weather is favourable for grasshopper survival and development there may be areas where grasshoppers are a concern to crops in 2021.
When they have the opportunity, farmers and agronomists are encouraged to monitor grasshopper populations along roadsides, field edges, and other areas where populations tend to be concentrated or at high levels early in the season.
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