» Maintained Biosecurity Focus Urged as PED Immunity Dissipates
(Jan 27, 2016) Animal Health
» Research Shows Infectivity of Seneca Valley Virus Remains Well After Symptoms Clear Up
(Jan 25, 2016) Animal Health
» Canada's PED Experience Shows Need for Nationally Coordinated Trans-Boundary Disease Management Strategy
(Jan 22, 2016) Animal Health
» Selection for Health Offers Almost Perfect Application of Genomic Technology
(Jan 20, 2016) Animal Health
» Alltech prepares swine producers for VFD at Iowa Pork Congress
(Jan 18, 2016) Animal Health
» USDA’s APHIS has updated the Federal Orders that oversee swine coronaviruses, such as PEDv
(Jan 14, 2016) Animal Health
» Fine Expected in Early 2017 for Non-Compliance of Swine Movement Reporting Regulations
(Jan 06, 2016) Animal Health
» January 2016 PEDV Surveillance Update
(Jan 05, 2016) Animal Health
» COOL Repeal Expected to Benefit Canadian Pork Producers, Especially in Ontario
(Dec 29, 2015) Animal Health
» Manitoba Pork Releases Cost Estimates For Building Finishing Barns
(Dec 28, 2015) Animal Health
» U.S. Remains Biggest PED Threat to Canadian Swine Farms
(Dec 28, 2015) Animal Health
» Canadian Pork Producers Advised to Watch for Signs of Seneca Valley Virus
(Dec 22, 2015) Animal Health
» PorkPod: Update on Seneca Valley Virus
(Dec 15, 2015) Animal Health
» Changes to Canada's Health of Animals Regulation Expected to Further Improve Swine Traceability
(Dec 15, 2015) Animal Health
» Swine Health Information Center Reports Decline in Incidence of Seneca Valley Virus
(Dec 15, 2015) Animal Health
» Repeal of COOL Only Option to Avoid Trade Retaliation
(Dec 09, 2015) Animal Health
» Despite Attaining PED Presumptive Negative Status in Manitoba Risk of Transmission Remains
(Dec 07, 2015) Animal Health
» Manitoba's Presumptive Negative Status Demonstrates Ability to Contain PED
(Dec 02, 2015) Animal Health
» PED Risk Expected to Increase as Natural Immunity Dissipates
(Nov 24, 2015) Animal Health
» Popularity of Antibiotic Free Pork Unlikely to Overtake that of Commodity Pork
(Nov 23, 2015) Animal Health
» WTO Approval of High Tariffs Offer Best Hope for Resolution of M-COOL Issue
(Nov 19, 2015) Animal Health
» Reduced Antibiotic Use Fosters Stepped-Up Focus on Biosecurity
(Nov 18, 2015) Animal Health
» Merck Animal Health To Acquire Harrisvaccines.
(Nov 12, 2015) Animal Health
» Transport Biosecurity Key to Avoiding PED as Weather Turns Colder
(Nov 06, 2015) Animal Health
» Producer Survey to Be Used to Develop Labour Strategy
(Nov 05, 2015) Animal Health
» Research Shows PEDv Capable of Surviving Manitoba Winters in Earthen Manure Storages
(Nov 02, 2015) Animal Health
» Manitoba PED Infected Farms Cleared of Virus
(Oct 30, 2015) Animal Health
» PorkPod: Protect yourself and your pigs during flu season
(Oct 29, 2015) Animal Health
» All Who Use Antimicrobials Have a Role to Play in Good Stewardship
(Oct 29, 2015) Animal Health
» Preventing Five Major Pig Diseases in the Breeding Herd
(Oct 29, 2015) Animal Health
» Sow Operations Sought to Participate in Group Sow Housing Conversion Project
(Oct 28, 2015) Animal Health
» M-COOL to be Discussed During Fall Producer Meetings
(Oct 19, 2015) Animal Health
» Proper Ventilation Calibration Cuts Fuel Costs Saves on Disease Treatment and Death and Productivity Losses
(Oct 19, 2015) Animal Health
» PorkPod: As temperatures cool, concerns rise over porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV)
(Oct 16, 2015) Animal Health
» USDA PED Investigation Offers Food for Thought for Canadian Biosecurity
(Oct 15, 2015) Animal Health
» U.S. PED Presence Continues to Threaten Canadian Swine Herds
(Oct 13, 2015) Animal Health
» Manitoba Port of Entry Poses Highest Risk For PED Entering Western Canada
(Oct 13, 2015) Animal Health
» PorkPod: USDA has released its quarterly hogs and pigs report
(Sep 29, 2015) Animal Health
» BC Pork Producers Recognise Need to Share Information to Protect Other Pork Producers
(Sep 28, 2015) Animal Health
» Canadian Pig Code of Practice Reflects Producers' High Standard of Animal Care
(Sep 24, 2015) Animal Health
» Winter of 2015 Expected to Show What to Expect From PED
(Sep 24, 2015) Animal Health
» Seneca Valley Virus is getting more attention this year in the swine industry
(Sep 22, 2015) Animal Health
» Palatability Key to Maximizing Feed Intake When Weaning Piglets
(Sep 18, 2015) Animal Health
» Porkpod: The threat of foreign animal diseases is always present. Pork producers must remain vigilant
(Sep 08, 2015) Animal Health
» Senecavirus A (Seneca Valley Virus) in Swine – Breeding Herd Cases
(Sep 03, 2015) Animal Health
» Pork Producers Advised to Be Aware of Mild Infection that Resembles FMD
(Sep 03, 2015) Animal Health
» Pork Producers Advised to be Aware of Disease Threats as Temperatures Drop
(Sep 02, 2015) Animal Health
» PorkPod: There is an abundance of all proteins in cold storage, including pork
(Sep 01, 2015) Animal Health
» Swine Health Information Center Investigates Seneca Valley Virus
(Aug 20, 2015) Animal Health
» University of Missouri Agricultural Economist Hopes for Quick Senate Action to Repeal M-COOL
(Aug 19, 2015) Animal Health