White house plans stricter ethanol climate model

Feb 19, 2024

By Farms.com

The White House is preparing to announce modifications to ethanol's climate model, signaling a shift towards stricter assessments of the corn-based fuel's environmental impact.  

The adjustment aims to more accurately capture the environmental consequences of ethanol production, particularly regarding land use changes. Additionally, it seeks to promote sustainable agricultural practices. 

The proposed changes come at a crucial juncture, with environmentalists advocating for reduced reliance on farm-based fuels and the ethanol industry seeking support amidst changing transportation dynamics. Ethanol, commonly used in gasoline, faces challenges as gasoline consumption stagnates. 

The White House's climate legislation includes tax credits for sustainable aviation fuel producers, reflecting broader efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector.  

The proposed adjustment to ethanol's climate model has triggered intense lobbying efforts from industry and environmental groups, highlighting the complexities of quantifying environmental impacts. 

While no final decision has been reached, the White House's commitment to releasing details in March underscores its determination to address environmental concerns while promoting sustainable fuel production.