What can $1.4 million get you in ag?

What can $1.4 million get you in ag?
Mar 21, 2023

Let’s buy some items from Farms.com’s classifieds ads

By Farms.com

If you suddenly came into more than $1 million, what kind of ag purchases might you consider?

In Hagersville, Ont. the local Lions Club’s Chase the Ace lottery has a jackpot of about $1.4 million.

For those unfamiliar with Chase the Ace, here’s how it works.

One ticket is $10, or buyers can get three for $20.

The Hagersville Lions Club only sells tickets in-person and on Thursdays from 9am to 7:30pm.

“You put your name and your number on the ticket, and then there’s a circle on the ticket where you write your envelope number,” Tanya Ribbink, a member of the Lions club, told Norfolk Today. “You write down which envelope you think holds the ace of spades.”

The draw takes place at 8pm. The winning ticket automatically wins 20 per cent of the day’s ticket sales.

“Then we open the envelope that they chose. If it’s not the ace of spades, we do it all again the next week,” Ribbink said.

While envisioning winning $1.4 million, head over to Farms.com’s classifieds section to see what money can buy.

For farmers in eastern Ontario,for example, there’s land available.

For $1,050,000, you can buy 70 acres of farmland on Saumure Road in Cumberland.

The land is systematically tile drained and GPS soil sampling was done in 2019.

The seller planted wheat in 2020, corn in 2021 and soybeans in 2022.

Or, if you’re closer to southern Ontario, a 50-acre parcel near Ridgetown, Ont. is available for $1,050,000.

The parcel includes 33 acres of workable and tile-drained productive land with Gobles silty clay loam soil.

If you’re set for land but want to bring in another piece of equipment, Farms.com can help with that too.

At Podolinksy Farm Equipment in Petrolia, Ont., for example, a 2022 Case IH Magnum 310 AFS tractor is available for $625,000.

It comes with a 19-speed transmission, double mount display with AFS Connect five rear electronic remotes and more.

A John Deere 6150M tractor from Cashtown Farms Ltd. in Stayner, Ont. is for sale for $129,000.

The tractor comes with an H360 self-levelling loader, left-hand reverser and two remotes.

If it’s a combine you’re after, Farms.com’s classifieds have those listings too.

Connect Equipment Corporation in Chepstow is selling a 2020 Gleaner S96 combine with 343 separator hours and 523 engine hours for $537,000.

Or, B&M Agri Parts in Mount Forest is selling a John Deere 9650 STS combine for $49,000.

This machine has 4,302 engine hours and 2,895 separator hours.

What else would you buy if you won the Chase the Ace and the $1.4 million prize?

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