Walmart: Organic Food on a Budget

Apr 14, 2014

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Walmart is getting into the business of organics – offering a new line of organic food products.

Its pitch to consumers – “while you may not think of Walmart as a destination for organic groceries, we are.”

According to the company’s internal research, it found that about 91 per cent of consumers said they would buy organic food products, if it was “affordable”. Walmart knows that one of the biggest hurdles with organic food and food products is finding a price point that’s accessible to the average consumer. It claims that its new organic brand, Wild Oats will be affordable.

The grocery store giant says it’s rolling out about 100 different organic food items, including pasta sauces, chicken broth and beans, adding that it already offers other organic grocery items, including dairy products and packaged goods. The rollout began in April.

“We estimate customers who purchase organic items at Walmart can save nearly 25% or more on their grocery bill when compared to other organic products on our shelves,” the company said in its April 9, 2014 blog.

The company mentions that its organic line isn’t about “an endorsement of certain foods” but rather it’s about providing more choice to its shoppers. It should be noted that the organic line will be made available in U.S. stores.

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