US restricts Aussie poultry imports due to Bird Flu

May 29, 2024


The US has enforced a ban on poultry imports from Victoria, Australia, due to bird flu concerns, starting May 22. The ban covers various poultry products, including eggs and ratites.

This measure comes after Australia recorded its first human case of bird flu and identified different strains on Victorian poultry farms. However, other Australian states are deemed unaffected.

Despite the rise in cases, health officials in both countries emphasize the low risk to the general public. Meanwhile, the US government is expanding incentives for dairy farmers to bolster biosecurity measures against outbreaks.

Since March, about 64 herds across nine US states have reported cases of the virus. Fortunately, two farm workers recovered after contracting bird flu. Efforts are underway to develop vaccines to safeguard at-risk farm workers.

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