US farmers fight to save AM radio in vehicles

Jun 17, 2024

Rural residents rely on AM radio for updates


In response to concerns over the future of AM radio in new vehicles, the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act has been introduced to protect this essential communication tool.

This legislation addresses challenges posed by automakers' plans to exclude AM radio receivers from electric vehicles (EVs), citing interference issues with electric components.

Emily Buckman, representing the American Farm Bureau Federation, highlights the significance of AM radio for rural America. She underscores its role in providing vital updates on weather conditions, commodity prices, and agricultural policies, particularly in remote areas where alternative communication methods may be unreliable.

"Maintaining AM radio in vehicles is crucial for ensuring farmers and rural residents have access to critical information during emergencies," Buckman explains. The legislation proposes mandates that would require automakers to continue including AM radio in new vehicle models at no additional cost.

The initiative follows previous announcements by automakers, including Ford Motor Company, about plans to remove AM radio from EVs. However, advocacy efforts have prompted reconsideration of these decisions and support for legislative solutions.

To support the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act, Buckman urges farmers and rural stakeholders to engage with their congressional representatives.

Securing legislative protection for AM radio in vehicles is essential for preserving connectivity and safety in rural communities, where reliable communication infrastructure is vital.

By advocating for this legislation, stakeholders aim to uphold AM radio as a dependable resource for rural Americans, ensuring they can continue to access crucial information and emergency updates effectively.

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