Unleash your inner lumberjack and split logs in 3 seconds

Unleash your inner lumberjack and split logs in 3 seconds
Aug 14, 2023

Every farm has a woodlot, efficiently cutting logs is key to saving time

By Braxten Breen
Farms.com Cool Tool Intern
Photo Credit: DR Power Equipment

Chopping wood goes hand in hand with living on a farm, chopping wood can be a tedious chore.

Log splitters are a great tool. The DR Power Equipment has made its log splitter simpler, stronger, and faster with its Kinetic Flywheel, letting the Pro LK34 Log Splitter do the hard work for you.

The electric start engine can split logs up to 24” L x 30” D in just 3 seconds – one of the fastest in the industry.

DR Power has kept it simple, building the K34 with very few moving parts, reducing the chances of anything going wrong during the process of splitting your wood.

Keeping things simple doesn’t mean you can’t go stronger, with twin 75lb. flywheels spinning at 400 rpms with 9.5 ft.-lbs. of torque in the Briggs and Stration engine.

Rack and pinion gears allows energy to be unleashed – making the 3-second cycle time possible.

Whether you love or hate chopping wood, the K34 Log Splitter by DR Power Equipment is a great alternative tool for chopping wood, making the task go by quicker and easier.

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