U.S. farmers struggle to find workers - AFBF seeks help

Jun 21, 2024

Farm Bureau urges government action to resolve critical labor shortages on U.S. farms and ranches.

By Farms.com

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) has issued a call to action regarding the significant labor shortages plaguing U.S. farms and ranches. AFBF’s recent communication to the USDA and the Department of Labor (DOL) underscores the critical need for solutions to address these shortages.

Central to AFBF’s message is the need for USDA to review and enhance the farm labor survey, particularly in determining wage rates for the H-2A Program. This program, vital for seasonal agricultural labor, requires accurate and reflective wage structures to attract and retain workers.

Additionally, AFBF urges DOL to deepen its engagement with agricultural stakeholders to better grasp the challenges faced on the ground.

By fostering a more collaborative approach between policymakers and industry leaders, AFBF aims to facilitate meaningful reforms that support both agricultural productivity and workforce stability.

Despite widespread acknowledgment of the labor crisis in farm communities, AFBF expresses frustration over the lack of substantive progress in legislative and administrative efforts.

The organization remains optimistic that ongoing dialogue and advocacy will spur actionable measures to alleviate labor shortages and enhance the resilience of the agricultural sector.

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