American climate corps starts with 20,000 Jobs

Jun 21, 2024

Inaugural recruits sworn in to advance green energy and conservation efforts across the nation


The President has officially commenced the American Climate Corps, a significant initiative focused on addressing climate challenges through employment in green energy and conservation fields.

The program, created through executive action due to funding hurdles in Congress, aims to recruit 20,000 individuals within its first year.

Maggie Thomas, special assistant for climate to President, underscored the transformative potential of this initiative for young Americans to actively participate in combating climate change. Virtual induction ceremonies have begun, marking the beginning of assignments for hundreds of participants nationwide.

Despite political opposition, including debates over budget allocations, the program draws historical parallels to Franklin D. Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps, which provided critical jobs during economic downturns. Positions offered range in duration and pay, with hourly rates varying based on location.

Since opening applications in April, the program has garnered widespread interest, with positions available at federal agencies like the Interior Department and NOAA, as well as state-level initiatives in states such as California and Colorado. Responsibilities include forest management, sustainable agriculture promotion, and renewable energy deployment. 

Ali Zaidi, President’s national climate adviser, emphasized the program’s role in nurturing a skilled workforce for a sustainable future. Beyond mitigating climate impacts, the initiative aims to equip participants with skills crucial for careers in the evolving green economy.

As the American Climate Corps expands, it continues to provide opportunities for young Americans to contribute significantly to environmental conservation and national resilience, ensuring a greener tomorrow for generations to come.

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