The Little Potato Company Unveils New State-of-the-Art Packaging Facility

The Little Potato Company Unveils New State-of-the-Art Packaging Facility
May 03, 2024

Innovation, sustainability, and growth in Alberta by a family run farming company

By Denise Faguy

Who knew there was a little potato industry until now, but the unveiling of an innovative packaging facility by The Little Potato Company Ltd. in Alberta marks a significant moment for North America's little potato industry.

The grand opening of this sustainable facility in Nisku not only signifies the company's expansion but also highlights its efforts to improving global food quality.

Spanning an impressive 240,000 square feet, the new facility represents a $39.5 million investment and strategically positions itself in the Nisku Business Park. Its location was chosen for its proximity to excellent agricultural regions, dedicated family growers, efficient transportation networks, and a skilled workforce.

This cutting-edge facility showcases pioneering technology that transforms the way little potatoes are washed, sorted, and packaged, with a focus on eco-friendly processes. The Little Potato Company leads the industry towards a more sustainable future in food production by substantially reducing carbon footprint and waste.

Notably, a quarter of the facility's energy is generated by 3,288 solar modules, making it the second-largest privately funded rooftop microgenerator in Alberta. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art water recycling system has been implemented, allowing for significant reduction in water usage, operational expenses, and enhancing the value and safety of the products.

With the capacity to process approximately 125 million pounds of little potatoes annually, the facility is set to establish new industry standards. About 70 percent of this capacity will cater to export sales, primarily to the United States. The project received support from the Agri-Processing Investment Tax Credit program of the Government of Alberta, contributing $1.3 million, aimed at boosting local businesses and driving economic growth and diversification in the province.

Angela Santiago, CEO, and Co-Founder of The Little Potato Company, expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm for this milestone, stating, "Today is more than an opening; it's a promise to our community and the planet." She further added, "Our innovative facility is built with future generations in mind. We are ensuring that we lead in eco-friendly production to meet the growing demand for families wanting to serve delicious and nutritious whole food quickly."

The Little Potato Company Ltd., established in 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, by Angela Santiago and Jacob van der Schaaf, specializes in breeding, growing, and marketing little potatoes. These tasty, fresh whole potatoes, cultivated on family farms, are available in over 20,000 stores throughout the United States and Canada. They are pre-washed and do not need peeling, making them a convenient choice, ready to cook in just five minutes.

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