Tech advances transform agriculture sector

Apr 08, 2024


The AgTech industry celebrates significant achievements with Agco and Trimble's joint venture, Seso's funding milestone, and Edible Garden’s production evolution. Agco's collaboration with Trimble through the PTx Trimble venture aims to bring cutting-edge precision agriculture solutions across various farming equipment, marking a step forward in global agricultural innovation.

Seso’s newly acquired $26 million in Series B funding spotlights the urgent need for efficient labor management solutions in agriculture. The company plans to expand its platform to include essential services such as payroll and banking, directly addressing the sector's labor challenges.

Meanwhile, Edible Garden is taking a bold step by moving its potted herb production to its own facilities. This decision not only aims to reduce costs and improve profit margins but also reflects the company’s commitment to leveraging technology for operational efficiency.

These key developments reflect the ongoing transformation and growth within the AgTech sector, highlighting the industry’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

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