Sask. ag groups helping producers address drought

Sask. ag groups helping producers address drought
Aug 23, 2023

Sask. Stock Growers Association and SFSDC are working on a forage straw drop

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Two Saskatchewan farm groups are working together to support livestock producers facing drought conditions.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association and Sask. Forage Seed Development Commission (SFSDC) are working together on a forage straw drop in the province’s northeast.

The organization offices will lead the communication between livestock producers looking for straw and forage seed producers who have straw available.

Interested farmers are required to complete an online registration form.

After they’re connected with a producer who has straw available, the two individuals will make a deal between themselves about the sale and removal of the straw.

Anyone looking for more information about the program can call the Stock Growers Association at 306-757-8527.

Producers looking for hay or straw can also try searching on: has contacted the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association for comment.

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