Revolutionizing Grain Handling

Revolutionizing Grain Handling
Oct 20, 2023

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By Denise Faguy and Vaishali Singh

During the 2023 Great Ontario Yield Tour at the beginning of September, representative Ralph Burns from Lambton Conveyor, spoke about grain handling equipment.He shared the attention to detail behind their product designs, with a spotlight on conveyor systems. The conveyor's undercarriage is armed with abrasion-resistant (AR) steel, promising enduring durability, while the head utilizes UHMW plastic, safeguarding grains from potential damage through its impressive impact resistance.

Tailoring to the ever-evolving needs of farmers, these conveyors offer flexibility in adjustments, whether it’s augmenting the number of paddles or modifying dimensions to enhance capacity.

Located in Ontario since 1965, Lambton exemplifies innovation and adaptability in the farming landscape. With a large manufacturing facility in Wallaceburg, Ontario, the company’s journey has seen it grow from serving local farmers to establishing itself as a global leader in grain handling solutions.

Moving through six decades, Lambton Conveyor’s has welcomed transformative advancements. Initially reliant on manual methodologies, the company has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technologies such as CNC lasers, CNC vendors, and robotic welders. This technological shift ensures the highest level of consistency and quality in production.

Lambton Conveyor’s product spectrum is as diverse as it is comprehensive. From grain harvest to storage, Lambton offers equipment designed for every step of the grain journey. The portfolio encompasses elevators, conveyors, cannons, and loops. The distinguishing factor is the adaptability of their modular designs to operations of any scale.

Central to Lambton's philosophy is a profound understanding of diverse agricultural needs. Recognizing the uniqueness of each farm’s requirements, they have cultivated versatility in their equipment, with capacities that accommodate a spectrum from 1,000 to 60,000 bushels an hour. To assure farmers attain precisely tailored solutions, Lambton’s network of adept dealers plays a crucial role in customizing solutions, guaranteeing an impeccable fit for every scenario.

The company emphasizes the importance of foresighted planning for the future, encouraging clients to anticipate their future farming needs and align their purchases, accordingly, ensuring the continued relevance and utility of current equipment for years to come.

Watch the video below to see the Grain Handling Systems presentation.

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