Recognizing health benefits of eating soy

Recognizing health benefits of eating soy
Sep 27, 2018

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OIP marketing campaign increases soy consumption amongst Ontarians

Staff Writer
An Ontario marketing campaign is raising awareness of the health benefits that come with eating soy.
Ontarians have increased their consumption of soy from 26 to 43 per cent since 2014, consumer research from Oilseed Innovation Partners (OIP) shows. Eating 25 grams of soy protein each day can help to reduce cholesterol, says scientific research, and Health Canada supported this claim in 2015.
OIP helped Canadian soy companies vocalize the health benefits of soy protein last year. The organization created a word mark logo and a health claim statement to appear on product packing. OIP also publicized soy recipe videos and health information for Canadian consumers during the four-month campaign.
Earning over 69.3 million impressions, the campaign’s interactions were 200 per cent greater than anticipated, said Nancy Cogger, OIP director of marketing, in a Wednesday release. 
“The soy word mark logo had higher recognition than the health claim, as visuals are more impactful,” said Cogger in the release. 
Overall, however, 69 per cent of soy consumers said they would be more likely to buy soy foods and beverages after seeing the health claim.
“There are many health benefits to soy food and this research shows the impact we can have on soy consumption when we inform consumers of those health benefits,” said Cogger. “This is a direct benefit to consumer health, as well as Canadian soy food manufacturers and Canadian soybean growers and opens up many new growth possibilities for this industry.” has reached out to OIP for further comment. 
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