Ram Truck Brand Declares 2013 “The Year of the Farmer”

Feb 05, 2013

“Year of the Farmer” Campaign Highlights the Significance of the American Farmer

By , Farms.com

If you watched the Ram Truck “So God Made A Farmer” Super Bowl commercial you may have noticed that the Ram Truck brand has made a point at declaring 2013 as “The Year of the Farmer” – which is a year-long initiative that seeks to bring national attention to the importance of the American farmer.

The campaign launch was during the Super Bowl XLVII with its commercial entitled “Farmer” that featured the speech “So God Made A Farmer” with the voice of the famed radio broadcaster Paul Harvey.

One of the big pushes for the “Year of the Farmer” campaign is to fundraise $1 million for the National Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization – working in collaboration with Case IH Agriculture and Farms.com. To help raise money for FFA, Ram will make an donation for every view, download, or share of the video “God Made a Farmer”.

The one year initiative hopes to raise the profile of the contributions made by American farmers and their farming families. The campaign will be supported in various forms including – print, digital and social media activities throughout the year.

The following are the ways that you can get involved and stay connected with the campaign:

•Watch the official video
•Share the video on Facebook & Twitter
•Share a badge
•Tell your family and friends!

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