Power Meets Innovation with Mahindra’s New Compact Tractors

Power Meets Innovation with Mahindra’s New Compact Tractors
May 13, 2024

Introducing New Technology to the Compact Segment  

By Ryan Ridley

Mahindra North America is excited to announce the launch of its new series of compact tractors, which are now powered by OJA technology. 

Matthew Glendon, director of marketing at Mahindra, told Farms.com that "OJA," is a term that means energy.  

These compact tractors were designed with operators in mind, featuring its mComfort seat, a seat which Mahindra claims in the comfiest and most form-fitting seat in its class. They are also equipped with industry-leading lift capacity. 

“Something also exciting is side-by-side pedals in this segment. So, it is easy for forward and reverse loader work,” added Glendon. 

These compact tractors are available in a sub-compact 1100 Series as well as a compact 2100 Series. 

Its 2126 model is Mahindra’s first-ever compact tractor that has a cab with A/C and heat, making this an ideal tractor year-round on the farm. 

The controls are intuitive, including tilt and telescopic steering and an integrated loader joystick on the fender, enhancing the user experience by making the operation smoother and more efficient. 

In terms of technology, these tractors are on par with larger models, incorporating advanced features such as electronic implement control.  

This includes electronic draft control, automatic sensing of raise and lower heights, and an automatic raise and lower of the three-point hitch during turns, which optimizes efficiency by minimizing manual adjustments.  

Additionally, Mahindra added tech to its loaders to increase productivity. 

These compact tractors include a display that shows what percentage of lift capacity is being utilized with each load, allowing you to maximize productivity and manage tasks more effectively. 

All these tractors are compatible with various attachments, including loaders, mid-mount mowers, as well as backhoes on its open station versions. 

Mahindra has also introduced an innovative way to explore these tractors through an augmented reality showroom. 

This feature allows you to virtually walk around the tractors from the comfort of your own home, providing a closer look at the features and functionalities, and even picturing themselves in the driver's seat. 

Watch the below video to take a closer look at the Mahindra 2126. 

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