34 tools Combined into 1 Multi-tool

34 tools Combined into 1 Multi-tool
May 10, 2024

Photo Credit: LoggerHead Tools 

The Loggerhead ImmiX 10X offers compactness, convenience, and innovation

Braxten Breen,
Farms.com Intern 

Multi-tools often lack quality, but they can be handy inside of a farmer’s pocket all day or in the glove compartment of their truck waiting for its next use. 

LoggerHead Tools refers to the multi-tool category as “Innovative Life Gear” with a fully sized, fully functionable, compact, convenient, innovative universal design. 

The ImmiX 10X™ is a steel-laminate constructed multi-tool that blends functionality of up to 34 full-sized tools. It is ready to take on any daily task or emergency on the farm that involves the use of nuts, bolts, or screws. 

What exactly does the ImmiX™ feature: 

14 metric and standard wrench sizes 

  • 1/4”-9/16” sizes 
  • 7mm-14mm 

10 of the most popular screwdriver heads (types/sizes) 

  • Slotted, Phillips, Torx, Robertson, and Allen 

2 knife blades  

  • Serrated and Standard 

Handles lock 

  • Forms a powerful, ergonomic, magnetic bit driver  

Torque enhancing “pistol grip” 

  • Allows the farmer to comfortably and confidently apply the right amount of pressure to complete the work  

The ImmiX also features a series of LoggerHead Tools awarding-winning Bionic Wrench™ Technology creating versatility, productivity, and convenience.  

For farmers looking for the perfect multi-tool, LoggerHead Tools Immi 10X might just do the trick.