Positive outlook for cattle industry

May 22, 2024

By Farms.com

In recent market reports, the cattle industry is witnessing a surge in prices, buoyed by favorable conditions and strong demand. With good moisture levels and high cattle prices, industry insiders are expressing confidence in the market outlook.

At various auctions, including the Oklahoma National Stockyards, there has been a noticeable uptick in market strength. Cattle prices have seen a steady rise, with feeders experiencing significant gains. The abundance of good grass and full ponds in many areas contributes to the optimism within the industry.

Industry experts highlight the quality of cattle coming to auctions, particularly those from wheat-fed sources. The success of wheat production this year has translated into higher-quality cattle, further driving market positivity.

Looking ahead, auctions in Woodward and Comanche anticipate good runs for the week. Despite a pause in sales at the Oklahoma National Stockyards on specific days, auctions in other locations continue unaffected.

The cattle industry is experiencing a positive trajectory, with market conditions favoring both buyers and sellers. The combination of good moisture, ample grass, and high prices creates an optimistic atmosphere, fueling confidence in the industry's future.

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