Pork exports surge as U.S. dominates global markets

Mar 11, 2024

By Farms.com

The year 2024 started on a high note for the U.S. pork industry, as reported by the USDA and the U.S. Meat Export Federation. January statistics revealed a 6% increase in pork exports, amounting to 251,424 metric tons and valued at $682.1 million, underscoring a dynamic start. 

Mexico remained the prime consumer of U.S. pork, but significant strides were made in markets across the Asia-Pacific and Western Hemisphere, such as South Korea, Central and South America, Australia, and Malaysia. This broadening of horizons is a testament to the U.S.'s robust export strategy and the universal appeal of its pork products. 

Dan Halstrom of USMEF highlighted the shift towards higher-value pork products in these emerging markets, including popular center-of-the-plate options like pork loins. This trend not only opens new avenues for U.S. exporters but also enriches the global culinary landscape with high-quality pork. 

While beef exports slightly declined, their value showed an impressive increase, and lamb exports hit a four-year high, demonstrating the overall strength of the U.S. livestock sector. These achievements paint a promising picture for the future of U.S. agricultural exports. 

The U.S. pork industry's strong performance in early 2024 indicates a growing global demand for its products, supported by strategic market expansion and a focus on quality. This positive trend is set to benefit U.S. farmers and the wider economy, reinforcing the country's standing as a leading player in the international meat market.

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