Ottawa Introduces Rail Legislation

Mar 28, 2014

New Legislation Seeks to Address Grain Transportation Issues in Western Canada

The federal government recently tabled legislation intended to address the grain backlog in Western Canada’s railway transportation system.

“Farmers and our economy need a system that works today and tomorrow, with the capacity to move what is grown,” Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said in a release.

The legislation introduced on Wednesday would amend the Canada Grain and the Canada Transportation Act.

It will be mandatory for railways to provide timely data on grain movements. In addition, the Canadian Transportation Agency will play a role in gathering information about the grain supply chain and shipping capacities ahead of each crop year. This information will then assist the Minister of Transport in determining if grain volumes should be adjusted for the coming year.

Farm and grain groups were pleased to see the federal government step in to introduce much needed rail legislation, but some also say that the bill falls short to address long term problems. Grain organizations say they hope to have a say in future service agreements.


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