Ontario grain farmers earn green recognition in clean fuel regulations

Nov 20, 2023

A boost for sustainability in biofuels market

By Jean-Paul McDonald
Photo Credit: Pexels Jean van der Meulen

Grain Farmers of Ontario, representing 28,000 farmers across the province, celebrates a significant milestone as Canadian agricultural feedstocks secure legislative recognition within the Clean Fuel Regulations. This development promises to streamline compliance for farmers and advance sustainability in the biofuel industry.

Previously, farmers faced the burden of individually demonstrating compliance with the land use and biodiversity (LUB) criteria when selling crops to the biofuel market. However, the recent legislative recognition means that crops grown in Canada for biofuels are automatically considered compliant with the regulations' LUB criteria. Consequently, farmers will only need to submit an annual declaration confirming that their crops were grown in Canada to satisfy the criteria.

Dana Dickerson, Manager of Market Development and Sustainability at Grain Farmers of Ontario, expressed her enthusiasm for this achievement. She stated, "Our tireless efforts over the years to streamline market access for Ontario's grain farmers, known for their strong environmental commitment, have culminated in this invaluable legislative recognition."

This groundbreaking decision followed a thorough review by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada, which concluded that existing Canadian legislation achieves the same environmentally responsible outcomes as the LUB requirements established for global feedstocks under the regulations.

Biofuels play a pivotal role in Ontario's corn industry, accounting for a substantial 33% of end-use market utilization. As the demand for eco-conscious biofuels continues to rise across North America, this legislative recognition will empower sustainable agricultural practices and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation fuel.

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