Ont. ag kids show a success

Ont. ag kids show a success
Sep 16, 2021

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Children watching Gabby’s Farm are learning all about how different crops and livestock are raised in Ontario 

By Jackie Clark
Staff Writer

Gabby’s Farm has brought enthusiasm for Ontario agriculture to viewers, the local community, and classrooms throughout the province.

The TVOkids show that premiered in May follows six-year-old Gabby as she shows viewers her own farm and visits diverse farming operations in Ontario to learn about different types of production. 

“We have been so pleased with the response to Gabby's Farm,” Chloe Gray, producer of the series, told Farms.com. “The local farming community were very positive about the show, Gabby's family were inundated with messages from friends and neighbours who are excited to see agricultural programming available for kids.”

The show has also inspired virtual field trips. 

“Gabby has found herself zooming with some pre-school classes answering kids’ questions about her farm and agriculture,” Gray explained. 

A spin-off short series called ‘Count With Gabby’ helps pre-school age viewers count to 10 around the farm.  

The broadcaster greenlit a second series of Gabby’s Farm due to the success of the show. 

“Production has rolled right into the second series,” Gray said. 

“There will be 30 brand new episodes of Gabby's Farm coming to screens next year,” she explained. “Episodes will include berry farms, potato farming, a sheep show with Gabby's pet sheep Nibbles, alpacas and a whole lot more.”

The show will showcase Ontario farms like Andrew’s Scenic Acres, Hutchinson Farm, Terre Bleu Lavender Farm, and Lochland Botanicals. 
Gabby will share “a bunch more stories from her own farm too,” Gray added. 

In early October, Gabby’s Farm will feature a visit to Strom’s Farm and Bakery in Guelph, to learn about pumpkin production ahead of Halloween. 

gabby at pumpkin patch

Past airings include an episode on wheat, where Gabby helps her sister and father with harvest. They learn about the basic parts of the plant, what wheat is used for, and the parts and function of the combine. 

View past episodes here.

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