OFA hosts farm safety photo contest

OFA hosts farm safety photo contest
Aug 05, 2020

Members can submit photos demonstrating how they prevent accidents and injuries on the farm

By Jackie Clark
Staff Writer

As producers across Ontario continue to work through another busy growing season, with added complications of a global pandemic, safety remains top of mind. For farmers, this focus is much more than using hand sanitizer and face masks. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is hosting a photo contest to showcase how the agricultural community in this province prioritizes safety.

“We wanted to focus on farm safety as a whole,” Tyler Brooks, director of communications and stakeholder relations at the OFA, told Farms.com. The initiative was planned “as a way to encourage people to promote farm safety and road safety on their own farms.”

OFA’s safety campaign was planned prior to the COVID-19 crisis, to emphasize best practices for preventing injury or accidents when working in agriculture. The onset of the pandemic highlighted the importance of farm safety.

“In April and May (the campaign started) really focusing on farm safety with kids. Because of COVID, there were a lot more kids on the farm because schools and daycares weren’t open,” Brooks explained. Over the last several months it has been more important than ever that families communicate about safety on the farm.

The photo contest could be a way to start that conversation, and have family members thinking more about ways to implement safety measures during day-to-day chores and work. Slow-moving vehicle signs and safe play areas for children are both examples of potential photo subjects, Brooks said.

“It could be very simple from wearing the proper ear protection when you’re operating large farm equipment, or wearing a reflective vest … photos of your kids doing age-appropriate chores,” he added.

Farm families can find simple or creative ways to showcase how they work safely.

The contest is “open to all OFA members and employees of OFA members,” Brooks explained. “You can only win one prize, however, you can submit as many photos as you want under your name or your OFA number.”

Prizes will be awarded for the top three entries and the grand prize winner will receive a farm safety kit worth $200. Those interested in participating can find more details or submit photos here until September 1.

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