New Rule Strengthens Animal Disease Traceability

May 28, 2024

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has implemented a new rule to strengthen animal disease traceability (ADT) for specific cattle and bison. This initiative aims to improve the ability to track animal movements in case of an outbreak. 

Electronic Identification Required 

The new rule focuses on the use of electronic identification (EID) tags for certain cattle and bison. Here's a breakdown of the requirements: 

  • All sexually intact cattle and bison 18 months or older 

  • All dairy cattle regardless of age 

  • Cattle used for interstate movement for rodeo, recreation, or exhibition 

These animals will need EID tags that can be read both visually and electronically. Existing visual ear tags will still be recognized for the animal's lifetime. 

The program also emphasizes premises identification. This involves assigning a unique number to farms and other locations involved in raising animals. Participation in premises identification is currently voluntary and free. 

Benefits of the Program 

An efficient animal disease traceability system is crucial for controlling outbreaks and minimizing economic impact. By allowing officials to quickly track animal movements, they can isolate affected animals and prevent the spread of disease. 

To support producers, some states offer complimentary electronic tags. In Illinois, for instance, the Department of Agriculture provides free 840 tags to cattle and bison producers through an agreement with USDA. 

How to Register for Premises ID 

Producers interested in registering their premises can download a registration form from the relevant state department of agriculture website. Completing and submitting the form is a simple process that allows you to receive a premises identification number (PIN). 

For additional details or assistance, producers and stakeholders can contact the Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare at IDOA directly via email at or by calling 217-782-4944.  

This contact information is essential for handling updates to premises information or for general inquiries regarding the new traceability regulations. 

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