Step Up Harvest with John Deere Precision Upgrades

Step Up Harvest with John Deere Precision Upgrades
May 28, 2024

Three Upgrades for John Deere S and X Series Combines  

By Ryan Ridley

John Deere is bringing technology to your harvest with its Precision Ag Combine Upgrades. 

Kyle Barry, precision upgrades marketing manager at John Deere, recently discussed the latest enhancements to their combine harvesters. 

These upgrades are specifically designed for model year 2018 and newer S Series, as well as all X Series machines. 

The first significant upgrade is the adjustable spout for the unloading auger. This feature can be controlled directly from the cab, allowing you to optimally direct the flow of grain into a grain cart while moving. This not only maximizes the capacity of each load but also improves overall operational efficiency. 

Another upgrade is the cross auger shut-off. This feature enables the machine to halt the cross augers, allowing the unloading auger to completely clear out.  

This function is crucial for reducing the wear and tear on the augers, particularly given the length and weight of grain they often carry. By minimizing the residual grain in the augers, the feature significantly lowers the risk of premature wear on the components. 

The third upgrade involves remote separator grate covers, which are particularly beneficial in regions focused on small grain harvesting. This feature enables you to adjust the separator grate covers from the cab, critical when dealing with varying threshing conditions or unexpected blockages.  

These adjustments can be made quickly and without manual intervention, ensuring the combine operates optimally under different conditions and enhances the quality of the threshing process. 

Barry talks more about these upgrades in the below video. 

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