New Narrow Transport on Great Plains Drill

New Narrow Transport on Great Plains Drill
Jun 24, 2024

The BD7410 Offers Easy Transport and Proven Performance 

By Ryan Ridley

Great Plains recently introduced its BD7410, a new min-till drill designed to address the challenges of transporting large equipment between fields.  

This innovative 13-foot drill folds to a narrow transport width of 9 feet 6 inches, allowing for safe and efficient travel on roads and through narrow passages. 

The BD7410 inherits the proven performance and features of the popular Great Plains BD7600 box drill series. It offers a spacious box configuration, with the option for a split box to handle seed and fertilizer simultaneously. connected with Doug Stucky with Great Plains to talk about its new narrow transport offering and features of the drill. 

The large capacity on the BD7410 allows for up to 50 bushels of seed on board, maximizing uptime in the field. 

A key improvement is the doubled capacity of the small seed box, now offering 0.5 bushels per foot. This caters to the needs of farmers who work with a variety of seed sizes.  

Additionally, the BD7410 utilizes the well-regarded Great Plains double disc offset opener row unit, proven for reliable seed placement. 

The BD meter, introduced with the BD7600 Series, ensures accurate planting of both regular and small seeds. This user-friendly meter simplifies calibration with single-handle adjustments for flap settings. 

For enhanced operator convenience, the BD7410 features a two-lever system for transitioning between transport and field configurations.  

A single hydraulic lever controls both folding operations and row unit down pressure adjustments, streamlining operation in the field. 

Great Plains complements the BD7410 with the launch of a new mobile app for all its box drills.  

Available for iOS and Android devices, the Great Plains AG app provides guidance on the calibration process, helps locate Great Plains dealers, and allows users to save calibration settings for future reference. 

The Great Plains BD7410 narrow transport drill stands out with its innovative design, combining efficient transport capabilities with a large seed box capacity, improved small seed handling, and a user-friendly mobile app.  

Watch the below video to learn more about the BD7410 and its narrow transport feature. 

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